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          STABLE One-stop automated warehousing equipment
          STABLE One-stop automated warehousing equipment

          Why you choose Disassembly and assembly of STABLE?

          01 / Industry experienceRich
          Twenty yearsExperience in shelf installation and disassembly, craftsmanship, and excellent quality
          To provide various types of storage rack installation, disassembly and relocation services,A variety of options are available for you to choose from
          02 / StrengthAssure
          Strong installation team with sufficient personnel,with experience in implementing large-scale shelf projects
          All personnel will be employed after passing the training. Responsible installation workers and conscientious project managers.STABLE protects your shelves.
          03 / Installensure
          The installers have certificates such as altitude certificates.Eliminate hidden dangers
          Comprehensive safety auxiliary equipment,Safety shoes, hard hats, reflective vests, safety belts, etc. must be worn by personnel on duty
          All installers have purchased group personal accident insurance to minimize installation risks.
          04 / Rigorous installation services
          Twenty years of experience in shelf installation and disassembly, craftsmanship, and excellent quality
          Three points for product, seven points for installation.Strobo selects installation masters with more than eight years of experience to eliminate your worries.
          After the installation is completed, first conduct a comprehensive inspection for missing accessories and make up for the installation in a timely manner.Finally, the installer cleaned up the debris on site.
          05 / A good after-sales service
          STABLE shelf disassembly and assembly 7*24h after-sales service.If you encounter any problems when using the shelves, you can call us at any time and a dedicated person will serve you.


          In the future, the company will continue to adhere to the concept of professional development, continue to broaden its business ideas and business scope, make continuous improvements in product research and development, market development, and improve service levels, and strive to become a shelf supplier trusted by customers.
          +86(10)-57794990 / 57794760 138 0102 0776(Click) / 137 0126 4023(Click) vip@bjstb.com Company:1. 14-2-83-84, No. 50, Huayuan Chunhe Road, Daxing District 2. South District 1, Qingxian Economic Development Zone, Cangzhou, Hebei Factory:West side of Central Street, North Second Ring Road, South District, Qingxian Economic Development Zone
          Scan and consult immediately
          Exclusive customization welcome consultation STABLE Shelves provides high-end exclusive customized services for every distinguished guest.Fill out the form below and our dedicated service consultant will contact you.

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