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          Gravity shelves

          Gravity shelves

          It provides a better solution for the storage of large objects, and the storage space utilization rate is more than 95%, and only one import and export channel is required.
          Suitable for the storage of large quantities of similar goods with few varieties, the space utilization rate is extremely high, and the depth and number of layers of gravity shelves can be determined according to needs


          Gravity shelves, also known as gravity shelves, belong to heavy shelves, which are evolved from pallet shelves, suitable for the storage of a small number of similar goods in large quantities, the space utilization rate is extremely high, the depth and number of gravity shelves can be determined according to needs.

          The gravity shelf is also called the roller shelf, which belongs to the pallet storage shelf in the storage shelf. The gravity shelf is one of the derivatives of the beam shelf, the shelf structure is similar to the beam shelf, but the drum track is installed on the beam, and the track is tilted 3-5°. Pallet goods are transported by forklift to the purchase port of the shelf, and the pallet automatically glides from the entrance to the pick-up port at the other end by using its own weight. The gravity shelf is a first-in-first-out storage method.

          Shelf characteristics

          1, the goods are stored by the high end, slide to the low end, and take out from the low end. During the sliding process, a damper is installed on the guide rail to control the sliding speed of the cargo within a safe range. A separator is arranged at one end of the slide, so that the handling machinery can remove the goods at the position of the plate smoothly.

          2, the goods follow the first-in-first-out order. The shelf has a high storage density and a flexible fit function.

          3, suitable for pallet-based storage operations, goods stack neatly, for the storage of heavy objects to provide a better solution, storage space utilization rate of more than 75%, and only need one import and export channel;

          4, gravity shelf is very environmentally friendly, all use no power form, no energy consumption, low noise, safe and reliable, can operate at full load.

          There is no working channel between the groups of shelves, thereby increasing the space utilization rate by 60% and improving the volume ratio of warehousing; Pallet operation follows the principle of first in first out; Automatic storage rotation; The separation of the two actions of storage and picking greatly improves the output, since the cargo is sliding by self-gravity, and there is no operating channel, so the number of transport routes and forklifts is reduced

          Shelf structure

          Gravity shelves evolved from pallet shelves, using drum rails or bottom wheel trays.

          Matters needing attention

          The total depth of the shelf (that is, the length of the guide rail) should not be too large, otherwise the unusable upper and lower "dead Angle" will be large, affecting the use of space, and the ramp is too long, the controllability of the slide will be poor, the momentum of the slide is large, easy to cause the slide is not smooth, blocked, and the tray goods are overturned. In order to make the slide smooth, such as the slope is long, the damping device should be added in the middle, in order to make the pallet goods slide to the bottom of the impact will not be too large and overturned, should be set at the low slope of the buffer device and cargo separation device, so the design, manufacturing, installation is more difficult, the cost is higher. Such shelves should not be too high, generally within 6 meters, the weight of the single load is generally within 1000KG, otherwise its reliability and operability will be reduced.


          Simple structure and high safety
          Simple structure and high safety
          Low cost and convenient operation
          Low cost and convenient operation


          Strong production and delivery capacity

          Strong production and delivery capacity

          Automatic production process
          More than 100 tons of steel are processed every day
          Professional design, customized

          Professional design, customized

          Professional design to provide customers with reasonable
          Professional warehouse storage scheme
          Factory direct selling, cost saving

          Factory direct selling, cost saving

          No middleman makes the difference
          More affordable price
          Production and installation, whole process service

          Production and installation, whole process service

          Professional and efficient after-sales service
          ontinuously create value for customers
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