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          STABLE One-stop automated warehousing equipment

          ●Development status

            Beijing Stebo Shelf Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to the integration of development, design, production and installation of modern logistics technology.It has strong technical force and advanced production equipment, as well as mature production technology and perfect quality system.Won more than ten qualification certificates.After decades of entrepreneurship, the company has now become a leading enterprise in the storage equipment manufacturing industry in the northern region.

            The company has been committed to the manufacturing and development of warehousing equipment for many years, and has now completed thousands of large warehouses for domestic enterprises.Products have been involved in many industries such as: textile, home furnishing, instrumentation, metallurgy and minerals, food, security equipment and other industries.

          ●Development History

            By mid-2002, Strobo successfully completed the enterprise stage, successfully established a production base and supporting production processes and services, and decisively opened the door to the national market.In 2004, Sitebo accelerated the completion of its corporate plan and better promoted the company's products and reputation nationwide and even overseas. In just two or three years, it achieved an annual production volume of more than 60 million and 46 distribution outlets across the country. The gratifying achievements of the province and city ranked among the fastest productivity growth rates in the industry during the same period. It also won the strong favor of customers in the northern region and the solid support of all parties. After successfully completing the stage of the company's plan - national marketing and work, The third phase of work direction of the development collection was carefully and quickly established, and the clarion call for overseas expansion was officially sounded.

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